New Year Resolutions

Every year January rolls around. It's nature's reset button on life, a chance to put the last year behind you and start the new year off right. One of our favorite things about January is making resolutions with the kids. They are so young, full of hope, and their resolutions are inspiring, so we wanted to share a few with you. Michelle, our soon to be 9-year-old, resolved to be a doctor. Despite explaining that a new year's resolution is usually something you want to do in the coming year, this stayed first on her list and there was no talking her out of it. Her other resolution is to join a sports team- maybe soccer (even though she doesn't like the soccer ball) or maybe volleyball.

Our teens resolved to "be more fit", love their bodies, and stick with their workout groups. They have started getting together each night before dinner to do some quick workouts. They encourage each other to hold that plank for a few more seconds and do just one more push up. They have even started taking turns leading the groups too!

There were lots of resolutions to get better grades, pass their classes and be more organized, but one teen's resolutions hit our hearts hard. She wants a better relationship with her family, to go home and feel loved, but she also wants to give back to her Palmetto Place family for being there when she needed it most.

She's a reminder of all the kids who have lived at Palmetto Place who consider our staff, volunteers and other residents family. Palmetto Place has seen 40 new years and more than 7,000 children and teens since it's founding. Here's to another year full of love and laughter. Happy 2017!