We're Headed Back to School

This summer has been full of fun adventures, new experiences, and lazy summer days but they're quickly coming to an end. Next week our college students will start moving into their dorm rooms and our other students have less than a month of summer left. 

NeedsGrace Bennett
2017 Putting for Palmetto Place

Save the Dates: Our annual Putting Party and Golf Tournament are coming up! Join us on Thursday, Oct. 19th from 6-9 at City Market Vista for our Putting Party and Monday, Oct. 23rd at noon for our Golf Tournament. 

Grace Bennett
What does success look like?

At Palmetto Place we celebrate the successes, the birthdays and graduations, the milestones reached and goals accomplished. Today our Project Coordinator, Grace talks about what success looks like for our kids.

Grace Bennett
Teen Beach Trip

Every family has their own summer traditions and one of our shelter's favorites is taking the kids to the beach.

Grace Bennett
Staff Spotlight: Ms. Joy

“Working with the teens at Palmetto Place is my dream job,” says Ms. Joy, “I’m passionate about being able to help them the way I do and I put my heart and soul into meeting their needs any way I can.”

July Needs List

July is a very exciting month for us as we have some fun activities planned. We'll be taking the kids on our annual beach trip in just a matter of days

June Needs List

The kids are out of school for the summer and that means more lazy mornings around the house, more time spent in the backyard, and a new set of needs! In addition to our June Needs List we're also sharing our summer wish list.